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Football and Domestic Abuse - It's coming home... but home isn't always safe

Updated: 2 days ago

Red. white and black football with the Euro 2024 and Findaway Logo on a Navy Background

The weather is getting warmer, and the Euros 2024 are in full swing. This should be a chance to get together to enjoy the sunshine and support our national team, whether you are a football fan or just getting involved in the excitement surrounding a big event.  

Sadly, for many women and children across the UK this is not a time for excitement but unfortunately it leaves them feeling isolated and scared as 1 in 4 women are subjected to domestic abuse in their lifetime. [1]

For women and children being subjected to domestic abuse the Euros can put them at even greater risk as "domestic abuse rises by 38% when England men's team lose at a major tournament" [2]. Football isn’t the cause of domestic abuse, the abuse may have been happening long before the games began, however events such as the Euros can contribute to increased levels of violent and controlling incidents.

Whether you will be tuning in for the game or enjoying the sunshine in the beer garden, we encourage you to remember to keep an eye out for your friends this summer.

Image of a Red Flag

Does your friends partner constantly comment on their social media?

Is your friend constantly checking their phone?

Does your friends partner always turn up, even when they aren't invited?

These are some of the red flags you may witness but not necessarily acknowledge as abusive.

Are you worried about someone's relationship?

Give Findaway a call on our anonymous phoneline:

0300 140 0061


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